ED SMITH for Monterey City Council


Thank You For Voting for Ed Smith on November 6, 2012


Final vote count put me in 3rd place a little short of the goal. Congrats. to Alan Haffa and Libby Downey.


This website will remain open and live as I will continue to be engaged.

Next elections are:

November 2014

November 2016


MONTEREY City Council (VF 2)
11/11 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
NON - ED SMITH 2,675 23.23%
NON - ALAN HAFFA 3,023 26.26%
NON - MIKE DAWSON 1,670 14.51%
NON - LIBBY DOWNEY 3,033 26.34%
NON - WILLARD ''BILL'' MCCRONE 1,112 9.66%
Total 11,513 100.00%




The following pages are from the November 2012 campaign. This website will remain live and I will continue to comment on Monterey activities and communicate with our community members. 




News release July 16th pulling papers:

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Monterey County Herald




FISCAL RESTRAINT & RESPONSIBILITY                                          


A COUNCIL THAT TAKES ACTION, WE NEED LEADERSHIP                                               




IT TAKES TOO LONG TO GET THINGS DONE                                                        


CRIME, GRAFFITI and COMMUNICATIONS                                                 




What are your Top Issues?


Together Let's Make Monterey Even Better!

Monterey County Weekly Endorsement

Elect Ed Smith for Improved Leadership


  • Life-long Monterey resident who understands the Issues
  • Small business owner, experienced and knowledgeable 
  • Active and involved in Monterey
  • Character and strong reputation with years of service
  • Will be fiscally conservative without stopping economic progress
  • Will bring a balanced approach and work towards consensus 
  • A lifetime of service and community involvement 
  • Family and our community is everything 




I will have a keen focus and attention to detail on City services, financial stability and on policies that promote sound common sense approaches to community needs. I will provide leadership, experience and character,  and offer solutions to our issues by working with all council members and staff. Our awesome community and residents deserve the best from their elected council members and I am committed to provide just that.


I will focus on:


  • Using experienced business approaches with my best thinking and I WILL make decisions.
  • Providing quality of life in all neighborhoods; preserving parks and greenbelt areas WILL be a priority.
  • Honoring our community's  rich past, and valuable industries, such as the fishing and military community.
  • High service standards and striving to accomplish our very BEST for Monterey.
  • Bringing a balanced approach with no single interest group placed at the top.
  • LONG TERM approaches that will continue to preserve our "cultural history" and our natural beauty.



                                        "Let's Make Monterey Even Better"!



Kay Russo, Parks and Community Services Director, (Ret.) with Ed and Theresa Canepa, former Monterey Council Member

Unprecedented challenges require bold and thoughtful leadership. Finding the right solutions by keeping doors open to new ideas and solutions, while working collaboratively with all people, is important to me. Participating in creating effective Council policies and taking common sense direction to staff for appropriate action is critical. Looking towards quality of life for all residents will always be my first focus.


Through our valued team members (employees), volunteers and various commissions and community volunteer groups, we can accomplish extraordinary and meaningful things for Monterey.


Solutions come from having a collaborative attitude and a sound decision making temperament. Avoiding narrow interests from groups trying to over influence me, and staying connected to all areas of Monterey is my promise. Being fair, impartial and achieving consensus among different groups is very important to me and will drive my conduct.


In the coming months and next few years, the Monterey Council will be facing numerous critical decisions that will shape and prioritize projects and activities that will have significant on impacts to all who live and work here in Monterey. I will have a dedication to fiscal restraint and a focus towards services for the entire community. I will have a guiding principle and discipline to serving the public good and the best interest of residents, business and in our community.


To learn more about my background and work history, go to Who Is Ed.

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