Why Ed Smith is Running

Preserving our City's quality

The Election is November 4th, 2014 for the Monterey City Council.

Here are a few of the issues and challenges ahead:

  1. Water - Taking action for long-term solutions and protecting the ratepayer!
  2. Renovate - Revitalizing our town and finish the Conference Center major remodeling on time and under budget.
  3. Responsiveness - Improving City Hall Customer Services and refining business practices for efficient and timely action.
  4. Crime and Graffiti - Creating a safe environment and paying close attention to the tagging issues in our community.
  5. Quality of Life - Maintaining a quality of life and keeping a small-town feel. 

As I watch the current issues emerging in Monterey, I see much hard work ahead. I know from speaking with many of you, as well as friends, neighbors and family, there are concerns about some of the directions the current Council is taking. People are concerned and want things done, faster, but they do not want proposed changes to negatively impact our quality of life and community. 


City leaders do not always make the best and most informed decisions, nor do they do so with the entire community in mind. Leadership is needed now more than ever. We need to pay attention to all neighborhoods,  residents and businesses. Our community expects and deserve high levels of service from their employees and elected officials. My promise is to be a tireless community representative and a council member that is approachable, engaged and effective!


Bold leadership requires an unwavering belief in a core set of service values. 

I believe in:

  • Being fiscally conservative.
  • Making decisions for long term results.
  • Leadership and that decisions must be efficient and timely
  • City services being effective and not wasteful
  • City expenditures being purposeful and benefitting the whole community
  • Listening to all in our community and finding the best solutions.
  • Getting tasks done faster and finishing things correctly without delay.
  • A positive attitude to accomplish the best possible relationships and working conditions for people in Monterey.
  • Telling the truth and speaking frankly, even in disagreements people just want to know where you stand.


We have challenges ahead in Monterey and our financial stability and path to economic recovery is instrumental to why I am running. We must be exceptional and we must be the leaders among cities in California when it comes to how we get things done.


I am always happy to speak with community and business members and I look forward to your call. If you have any questions regarding my campaign or a specific issue, feel free to Contact me or call (831) 601-5013.

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Mayor Chuck Dela Sala & Councilmember Frank Sollecito support Ed for Council.

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