Supporting Organizations and Friends of Ed

Monterey Firefighters Local 3707 Endorse Incumbent Ed Smith
Mike Marotta Jr., Judi Marotta with Ed, who serves on the Old Monterey Business Association
Lee Whitney, Mayor Clyde Roberson and wife Dottie, J.R. Shake with Ed Smith

Organizations Endorsing:


Partial List


 Local Supporters: 


Mike Marotta Sr. Honorary Campaign Chairman


Dan Albert Sr., Former Mayor Monterey City


Dan Albert, Current Monterey City Council


Kay Russo, Monterey City Recreation and Community Services Director, Ret.


Chuck Della Sala, Former Monterey City Mayor


Theresa Canepa, (Louie) Former Monterey City Council Member


Frank Sollecito, (Sannie) Former Monterey City Council Member


Judge John Phillips, Mtry. Co. Board of Supervisors


Judge Jonathan Price, Monterey County Superior Court Ret.


Simon Salinas, Mtry. Co. Board of Supervisors


Chris Lopez, Mtry. Co. Board of Supervisors (Elect)


Dave Potter, Former Monterey Council Member and Mty. Co Supervisor


Mayor Ralph Rubio, City of Seaside 


Mayor Jerry Edelen, City of Del Rey Oaks


Mayor Joe Gunter, City of Salinas


Mayor Bill Kemp, Pacific Grove


Mayor Mary Ann Carbone, City of Sand City


Council Member Nancy Amadeo, City of Marina


Mayor Mike LeBarre, City of King City


Former Mayor Dennis Donohue, City of Salinas


Kimbley Craig, Council Member, City of Salinas


Carl and Diana Miller, Resident & Monterey Peninsula Airport Board Member


Mary Ann and Hal Leffel, Resident & Monterey Peninsula Airport Board Member


Gary and Dora Cursion, Monterey Peninsula Airport District


Matt Nelson Monterey Peninsula Airport District


Bill Sabo, Resident & Monterey Peninsula Airport Board Member


Nancy Kotowski, Mtry Co. Superintendent of Schools


Mike and Laurel Marotta, Long Time Resident and Business owners


Anthony Consentino, Business owner and Resident 


Joe DeRuosi Jr. Monterey Pony Baseball, Resident


Mike Brassfield, City of Monterey, Planning Commissioner


Mike Dawson, (Carole) City of Monterey, Planning Commissioner


Joy Anderson, Cannery Row Rotary 


Ralph Widmar, Resident and Planning Commissioner Ret.


Jeff Haferman, Former Monterey City Council Member


Ralph Widmar, Resident and Planning Commissioner Ret.


Ed Leonard, long time Monterey business owner and resident


Benji Shake, Resident and businees owner


Chris Shake, local business owner, Monterey


J.R. Shake, local business owner, Monterey


Ron and Lynn Johnson, Boys and Girls Club, Residents


Chris and Betty Arcoleo, business owners and Residents


Mike and Gina Aldrete, longtime Residents


Kevin and Nancy Dayton, Resident


Bruce Crist, Resident New Monterey


George and Connie Di Girolamo, local Residents


Paul W. Davis, Resident and Planning Commissioner Ret.


Liz Grammatico, Past-President ICF, long time Resident


Sal, (Coach) and Hope Cardinalli, New Monterey Residents


Tom and Monica Cassis, Alta Mesa Residents


Will Avila, long time resident


Steve Avila, long time resident


Peter and Jean Kracht Fisherman's Flats Residents


Sal and Genelle Tringali, long time residents


Dominic Mercurio, Business owner and Resident


Roxanne Roark, Resident


Sam and Angeli Mercurio, Fisherman and business owner


Keith Stemler, Resident


Lee Whitney


Rick Aldinger


Carmelo and Christine Tringali, long time residents


Mike and Tina Bruno, long time Residents


Tom and Rosemary Rowley, Monterey County Tax Payers Assoc.


Wayne Adams, Founding Pastor Cypress Community Church


Richard A. Ruccello, President Casanova Oak Knoll Association


Rick Heuer, Alta Mesa Neighborhood Association


Joanna Napoli, Resident Casanova Oak Knoll


Mike and Christine Pekin, Monte Vista Neighborhood Association


Richard Lind, Del Monte Beach  Resident


Phil and Michelle Speciale, Residents


Gary and Jane Gasperson, Residents Deer Flats


Deme Kastros, Monterey Fire Div. Chief Ret.


Joe and Debbie Anatassia, Local Business


Elsa Rivera, Resident GI Josie and Cannery Row Rotary


Jeff Davi, Life-time Resident


Santo (Dugie) Tarentino, Resident & Retired Fisherman


Frank and Cesca Enea , Resident


Ruben Dominquez, Neighbor


Kenley Butler, Resident Old Town


Tom and Jennifer Hamrick, Neighbor


Joanne Crivello, long time Resident of Old Town Monterey


Sal J. and Jennifer Ferrante, Deer Flats Resident


Larry Conte, Resident Del Monte Grove


Jeff Gorman, Member of Monterey Architectural Review Commission


Joe Aliotti, long time Resident


Clay Larson, Resident


Victor Davi, Fisherman's Flats Resident


Joe and Sharon Lo Manto, Deer Flats


John and Sharon Pira, Monte Vista Residents


Andy Swartz Monterey Attorney


Ralph Borego, Resident


JJ and Liz McClatchy, Skyline Forest


Mike Scanlon, Resident Monterey Old Town


Anthony Costanza, long time Resident


Richard Quaglia, North Fremont, Small Business Owner


John Quaglia, Resident New Monterey


Mark Pappas, Small Business Owner


Paul Compagno, Resident


Paul and Janet Bruno, long time residents


Bennett Compagno, New Monterey, Small Business owner


Ron Brown, long time Resident


Dorothy Maceira, Resident Oak Grove


Mike Maiorana, Monterey Bay Boat Works and Marina


Paul Bart Bruno, Monterey Business Owner


Gary Carlsen, Resident Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood


Bob Massaro, long time Resident 


Glenn Hammer, Resident Skyline


Peter Bruno, Resident and Business owner


Harry Muncha, long time Resident 


J.J. Ruccello, long time Resident


Dr. Albert Mehrabain, Resident Alta Mesa


Nino Palma, Resident Alta Mesa


Elizabeth and Jeri (Pennisi) Nozicka, Fisherman Lost at Sea Memorial


Geno Pennisi, Fisherman and local Business Owner


Anthony Gallaro, Resident New Monterey


Anthony Lucido, Resident New Monterey


Scott Rudoni, Monte Vista School Teacher Ret.


Anna Bruno, Resident, Monte Vista


Rick Russo, Resident, Monte Vista


Gasper Cardinale, local business owner life-long resident


Betty Sollecito, long-time resident


Vince Cardinale, local business owner


Paul Giamona, Resident, Retired school teacher


Domenic Mineo, Resident, Monte Vista 


Frank Mineo, long-time resident


Jan Bruno, Resident, Old Town


Dr. Karl Nicholas, Resident


Vicki Nohrden, Resident and Assembly Candidate


Jack Valente, long time business owner


Chris and Betty Arcoleo, Chris’s Fishing Trips and Whale Watching


Randy and Angela Roach, Past President Monterey Pony Baseball


John and Kathy Poma, Residents


Robert Poma, Resident


Joe Headly, Resident


Frank Enea, Resident New Monterey


Leon and Barbara Oliver, Residents Skyline


Gaspare Castanzaro, Resident Casanova Oka Knoll


Tom Bruno, Resident


Vince and Jennifer Dorio, long time Resident


Rosalee Bentencourt, Residents


Roger Wells, coach and long time resident 


Ann Prego, Resident


Richard Storelli, Resident Deer Flats


Joe Storelli, Resident Oak Grove


Terry and Angela Wecker, Residents


Gary and Karen Love, Residents


Sara and Dave Duncan, Residents


Frank and Judy Sheeler, Residents


Ken and Mary Brown, Residents


Jim and Susan Bajari, Residents


Ray and Sally Worrell, Residents New Monterey


Richard and Vernes Fowler, family and long-time local Residents 


Supporters of Ed

Ed Smith-Incumbent 

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NOVEMBER 6, 2018


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